Regression III

Week 04, Fall 2023


This week we will continue discussing the supervised learning regression task, but more through the lense of theory. In particular, we’ll discussion the bias-variance tradeoff and how model flexibility relates to overfitting.

Learning Objectives

After completing this week, you are expected to be able to:

  • Understand how model flexibility relates to the bias-variance tradeoff and thus model performance.
  • Select models by manipulating their flexibility through the use of a tuning parameter.
  • Avoid overfitting by selecting an a model of appropriate flexibility through the use of a validation set.


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Week 04 Concept Scribbles Course Website
Week 04 Notebook [ Rendered Notebook ] Course Website


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Assignment Deadline Credit
Lab 03 [ Template ] Thursday, September 21 100%
Homework 03 Thursday, September 21 105%

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