Week 01, Fall 2023


Welcome to CS 307! This week, you will become familiar with the course and we will get your machine setup to complete homework and labs.

Learning Objectives

After completing this week, you are expected to be able to:

  • Understand the syllabus of the course.
  • Understand the objectives of the course.
  • Communicate with the course staff.
  • Use Python, Jupyter, and VSCode to produce code for labs and quizzes.
  • Use PrairieLearn to complete homework assignments.
  • Use Canvas to complete lab.


Link Source
Syllabus Course Website
Getting Started Course Website


Head to ClassTranscribe to watch lecture recordings. They are arranged by date in the Lecture Capture Recordings playlist.


This week there will be two practice assignments. They will have no effect on your course grade, but will help you become familiar with using PrairieLearn for homework and Canvas for labs. The credit ranges listed for these assignments are meant to demonstrate the process for future assignments, but again, these are not real deadlines as these assignments have no effect on your grade.

Assignment Deadline Credit
Lab 00 [ Template ] Thursday, September 7 100%
Homework 00 Thursday, September 7 105%

Office Hours

  • We will start office hours next week!
  • Be sure to sign up for Ed! Check your email for the access link.